Sunday, February 5, 2012

Travel Photos: Vancouver 2009

These are a selection of shots from a vacation to Vancouver in 2009. A larger set can be found here on Flickr. We stayed one night at the beautiful Pan Pacific Hotel and then at various hostels in the city. These two photos are of the view from our room:

Vancouver 2009 2
Vancouver 2009 5

These are two shots taken while walking around the city with some tweaked Bibble 5 filters applied:

Vancouver 2009 10
Vancouver 2009 8

We stayed at the Jericho Beach HI Hostel and explored that area one morning. This is a panorama in 6 parts taken from the Jericho Beach Pier (no link, the Flickr images are only a little larger):

Vancouver Panorama 1
Vancouver Panorama 2
Vancouver Panorama 3
Vancouver Panorama 4
Vancouver Panorama 5
Vancouver Panorama 6