Saturday, January 7, 2012

Alberta Terminals Astrophotos

The first photos on my new Flickr account are up! A few nights ago I took a handful of 15 to 30 second exposures of a partially cloudy sky behind the Alberta Terminals building.

(Click on the images to open large on black.)

Alberta Terminals 1 Marked-Up

Jupiter is visible in the first image, along with parts of the constellations Aries, Pisces, Cetus, and Eridanus. The second image reminds me of the starfield screen saver from old windows PC's :) The constellation Cassiopeia is visible in just above the centre on the right.

Alberta Terminals 2

I think these would be called 'wide-field' astrophotos because so much of the sky is captured (compared to deep field photos such as this photo of M81 and M82 from this photo of M81 and M82 by Terry Hancock).

The constellation lines on the first photo were added with the GIMP (using Stellarium as a reference).

View other shots from that night in my Astrophotography Set on Flickr.