Saturday, January 7, 2012

3D Gargoyle

123D is free 3D modelling software from Autodesk. 123D Catch (formerly Photofly) can be used to generate 3D meshes from photos! Amazing, I know. I had to try. The software for actually converting images to a 3D mesh resides on the Autodesk servers. You upload a batch of photos and it spits back the result. I took 44 images of my Gargoyle to upload. Thinking of minimizing the upload time, I converted them to grayscale and resized the images to only 800px in the long dimension. The largest image is was only 100 KB. Even with these images, the software returned a very impressive result.

Gargoyle Contact Sheet 1 Gargoyle Contact Sheet 1 Gargoyle 1

The software offers the ability to quickly output videos of your meshes. This is my Gargoyle on Vimeo:

Photofly Gargoyle from Dave C Griffith on Vimeo.