Sunday, January 22, 2012

Leatherwork: Flowers and a Dragon

Way back in high school, I started doing leatherwork. It began with making wrist bands and simple belts. Once I discovered leather carving, it became my focus. Thus far, my pieces have been done on scrapes of leather shown to everyone I talked to for a couple days, then lost in the bottom of my scrap leather box. I intend to scan and photograph the best of these pieces and display them here.

For short while I went to a weekly leather carving class at my local Tandy. It was great! I learned quite a lot doing it. If I recall correctly, it was not a structured thing - more of come-in-and-practice-and-ask-the-experts-as-you-encounter-problems kind of deal. The teacher provided a small rectangle of leather and a pattern to work from. I ended up carving that pattern 6 or 8 times at least. Each time a new tool or practice was introduced. This would have been one of the last ones I carved (it was later dyed a nice brown colour):
Flower Card 1
This dragon one of my favourites! The pattern is courtesy of Lora S. Irish. The first image is a scan, and the others are photographs. My leatherwork set on Flickr is located here.
Green Dragon 1
Green Dragon 3
Green Dragon 2